How I Was Able to Raise My Credit Score 82 Points in Two Months

Maybe I have been doing this whole blogging thing wrong. Looking back, I realize I focus too much on content and not enough about backstory or stories in general. There is not a lot about my posts that stand out, and make a reader want to come back and read more. Moving forward, I want to better connect with my audience, and continue to grow this blog.

In any case, a goal I had set this year was to increase my credit score. My credit score was ok, it was in the “good” category. However, I was not satisfied with this. Although I am only 25 years old, I knew there was ways I would be able to improve my credit score. It took a while for my efforts to bear fruit, but when they did it was significant. After a few months of putting every strategy I know into practice, I was able to improve my credit score to either the “very good” or “excellent” category depending on the scale.  Below are steps I took this year to improve my credit.

The first thing I did was to get a second credit card. Just applying for a second card bumped my credit score and increased my credit limit. I only had one credit card since I was 18, and thought that was fine. I used it for some bills, and in case I had some kind of emergency. This time around I applied for an airline credit card so I would be able to accumulate points to use to save money flights. Traveling is a huge passion of mine. There are a ton of different airline credit cards out there, so do your due diligence on what would work best for you, but it has worked out great so far. I was able to book one ticket to Boise, ID for all of $6 after using a fraction points I accumulated on the card.

Another step I took was looking over my credit report. There are three credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Each creditor allows you access to one free report a year. Ideally you would get a new report every 4 months or so to ensure you stay on top of what is on your credit history. Upon doing this I learned I had a “negative account”.

Like many students I was overwhelmed when I graduated from school and had to start paying back my student debt I had built up. Additionally, most of my mail was still going to my mom’s house so it would sometimes take months before I would see it.  I thought that all my loans were through one provider, however months later I found out that I actually had two providers for student loans. This second one I did not know about had been outstanding for some time before I started to pay on it. I thought because I caught up on late payments that it would be fine. However, it was still a negative record hindering my credit score. I did some research into how this could get removed off my credit report. I wrote a latter I planned to send to the agency, but before mailing it I decided to call my University. I found out this was not uncommon and since I had made over 9 months of consecutive payments they would be able to send me a form to sign to wipe my slate clean. A few days later I was able to send back the letter, and within a few months my credit score jumped up.

The last thing I did was making sure every purchase was done my credit card(s). Groceries, gas, gifts, activities, every purchase (aside from rent unfortunately) was done on my credit card. All my credit card payments were made in full and on time demonstrating that I am an individual that could be trusted to pay back debt. In additional I received a ton of airline miles due to this change in spending. It is money you will be spending anyway.. so why not get points for it instead of using your debit card?

Using these three tactics I was able to help my credit score jump up 82 points in just two months!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


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