You’re probably overpaying for your cell phone

No matter how much you cut expenses, there is a 99.9999% chance millennials will have a cell phone. And there is a very good chance you are paying a premium for your cell phone coverage. Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and all the other big companies charge people crazy amounts of money despite their advertisements on how great they are.

An example of this, my girlfriend (prior to dating me) was paying $107.42 a month for her cell phone. She received unlimited texts, calls, and internet (up to 3gb at full speed). This also included a $25 a month charge for her phone. Essentially she was paying $82.42 a month for her phone coverage. Nearly $3 a day!

Seeing her literally throw money away I got her to contact her provider and find a cheaper solution.She was able to find out that she was able to switch her account to a prepaid account, and receive unlimited calls, texts, and 1gb of full speed internet for $32 a month. It did take talking to a manager on the phone to find the best deal they had to offer. This resulted in her saving over $50 a month to not have a contract, and have two GB less of internet. It’s true she has to be more conscious about using WiFi whenever available, but well worth $50 a month. This alone will allow her to save an additional $600 a year.

On the other side of the table, I have a prepaid phone from Virgin Mobile. I believe this to be the best deal on the market. $35/month gets you unlimited calls, texts, and 5gb of internet at full speed (then slowed down after that). Other prepaid providers have good services. For example, Smart Talk (offered at Walmart) offers the same plan for $45 a month, while Cricket Wireless offers the version with less data for $40. All of these could save you hundreds of dollars a year.


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