5 Ways to Save Money on Coffee in 2017

Saving more money is often a new year resolution for millennials. Coffee is one area to easily save money. Despite being one of the cheapest things to produce, plain old coffee gets real expensive, real quick. I’ve never been able to figure out adding some milk and a couple pumps of syrup makes the price of coffee shoot up so much. Here are my five biggest tips for saving money on coffee, without having too sacrifice much.

#1) Buy whole bean coffee and grind it in the store

8830419435550This is a really easy option. Buying whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself will save you tons of money. You get to experiment with different roasts, and find out what you truly like. I would recommend buying it in bulk from Costco. You can grind it in the store, and it stays fresh for a long time. For around $15 you can get high quality coffee that you are not going to have to refill for months and months.

#2) Buy premade coffee

Multi_Discoveries_PET_1206Instead of waiting in line at a physical location, buying coffee pre-made is a great way to save money. For less than $1.10 a can you can buy Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso + Cream on Amazon. If you get the seasonal variations of the coffee after peak season you can buy them at a steep discount. My girlfriend bought Starbucks Peppermint Mocha at our local grocery store after Christmas for roughly  $2.50. It’s 40 ounces in size, so that’s 5 cups of Starbucks coffee for 50 cents a piece.

#3) Make your own creamer at home

You can make your own coffee creamer quickly, and cheaply. After making a base, you can add whatever flavorings you want. For some fantastic ideas try http://coffeestylish.com/homemade-coffee-creamer/ . When I first experimented making my own creamer this was the website I landed on.

#4) Check what errands you are running

There are lots of businesses that offer coffee to their customers. For example, a nearby grocery store (Grocery Outlet), my dental office, tire stores, etc. all offer free coffee. Perhaps even your work might offer free coffee. If you are out running errands see if any of the places you are running to offer free coffee.

#5) Drink Tea 

Hand holding tea bagOk, hear me out on this. Tea is super super cheap, and all you need is hot water (maybe a tad of sugar / honey as well) to make a perfect cup. There are tons of teas out there. Most black teas offer similar caffeine levels as coffee. On top of this, tea doesn’t stain teeth, and help builds tooth enamel. You can buy 20 tea packs for about $1 total at any grocery store, or buy in bulk to save even more money.


These are five easy, and different ways to save money on coffee coming into the new year. I’m not suggesting things like re-using your old coffee grounds, or anything that extreme. Rather, things that millennials can easily put into practice. Have a great 2017!


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